LS650 - Kenteken kit tbv achtersptbrd + achterlicht (LED)
  • LS650 - Kenteken kit tbv achtersptbrd + achterlicht (LED)
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Achterspatbord kentekenplaat houder met RETRO achterlicht (LED)bedrading en bedradingskanaal voor onder het spatbord.

Here is the perfect combination of retro looks, bright LED light and a rugged mount. We have tried lots of lights and decided to make our own!

It's CNC machined from a solid 3″ (76mm) diameter aluminum billet. There are 15 super bright red LED lights that act as both tail light and stop light. The bright white LED light in the bottom lets the cops read your license plate at night and also adds extra light to the back of your bike. The mount is 12 gauge steel and the license plate mount is thick aluminum which is easy to cut or drill for those international sized plates. Everything is powder coated gloss black. You can lightly scuff the light and paint it your own color. The aluminum wire channel is easy to install and holds your wires under the fender and out of sight. The wires are 41 inches long. This light wires to your bike directly without the need of resistors or other electronics.