Colony Cap Nuts 12Mm (1-25)
  • Colony Cap Nuts 12Mm (1-25)
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Colony Cap Nuts 12Mm (1-25)

About Colony / Over Colony:

Colony has been producing and distributing a vast range of replacement parts and accessories for Harley Davidson® Motorcycles for over 40 years to a wholesale market. We have established a reputation for excellent service, the highest quality, and a large selection, making Colony the first choice for custom motorcycle builders and restorers around the world.

We are the originators of chrome plated and stock OEM style hardware. Our product range features over 1500 engineered kits for Harley models from 1911 to present. Colony not only offers stock OEM replacement kits and bulk hardware, but we also offer many custom dress-up items for late Model Harleys.

Thank you for choosing Colony. If you have any questions, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

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