Mustang Fender Bib Suzuki C50
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Mustang Fender Bib Suzuki C50

Suzuki C50

About Mustang:

Mustang's president and founder, Al Simmons, started Mustang in 1980. An engineer by degree and training, Al has been in the motorcycle industry for over 40 years. Under his leadership, Mustang has grown from a small operation making just a dozen seats a day, to now being a worldwide leader in the design and construction of motorcycle seats. Al has traveled to every state and listened to thousands of motorcycle riders. This, complemented by his years of riding experience, forms the basis of his unique understanding of what riders need, and the essentials of seat design to address these needs.

Since 1980, Mustang has been proud of making the highest quality, most comfortable seats available and offering them at reasonable prices. Mustang motorcycle seats are designed for all-day riding comfort for both the driver and passenger. Every Mustang seat is made in the United States by true craftsmen who take pride in transforming the highest quality, raw materials into a finished product--all under one roof in our New England facility.

We, of course, recognize there are other seat manufacturers and that every person's "bottom line" is different—literally, figuratively and economically—that’s why consumers prefer different seats, sofas, chairs, beds, etc. Mustang seats are preferred by motorcycle riders who want comfort, quality and style from a company that firmly stands behind their products.

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